Hello, and welcome.

Welcome to KTLowe.com, homepage of KT Lowe, and rightly so. I'm a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, a librarian by trade and a museum aficionado at heart. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I am fascinated by museums and libraries, and I'm always dreaming up cool things to do with them. Like play video games in them. Like take the museum out of the museum (and make the library a third space for creativity). Like show what's going on outside the hallowed halls of cultural institutions in unique ways within their walls. Museums and libraries have a tremendous amount of history that weighs both on them and in them, and it's time to shake them up a bit.

While museums are my primary passion, I'm a generalist when it comes to my more mundane interests. I like to know how stuff works, how objects came to be, how we learn and why we're sure of what we know (or, rather, how much of it I could know personally). I also like to live my life with an engaging soundtrack, a feline fellow traveler, a good stack o'books and magnificent chocolate. A decent pair of black sneakers always helps.

As I break the fourth wall and address you, Dear Reader, I would be delighted to get your feedback on my page or anything within it. All original content throughout this site is Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA, except where noted, which isn't anywhere to my knowledge. Mashup, share, redesign - but cite me, please. Citing is awesome, and so are you.

Aura Kitty